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About ACG

AccuGenetics Limited (ACG) is a product-focused biotechnology company. We develop different innovative products to meet large market needs in gene-based diagnostics including central nervous system (CNS) diseases, cancers and other diseases.

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) sites in the human genome represent the major sites of variations within individuals, and they result in variations in disease susceptibility and response to therapeutics. Scientists of ACG achieve a major breakthrough in the genetics of mental diseases by successfully identifying new gene variations associated with schizophrenia, a common psychotic disorder affecting 1% of the worldˇ¦s population. We also discover the genetic variations in drug metabolism which is unique to ethnic Chinese. In 2005, the invention of One Label Extension (OLE) platform technology for SNP genotyping was awarded a US Patent (No. 6,972,174, ˇ§Method for Detecting Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Point Mutationsˇ¨). These discoveries have placed ACG at the forefront of gene-based diagnostics service.

Based on the accurate and speedy OLE technology platform, ACG provides general SNP genotyping kits which are the most cost-effective in the market. Specialized SNP genotyping kits are also available for most human drug metabolizing genes. Furthermore, ACG would also promote both customized genotyping kits and onsite services to greatly facilitate the tedious research works in SNP identification.



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